Special Occasion Baskets

Relax with a bath towels & wash cloth wrapped around your favorite wine with a bar of soap. Approx. $24
Romance Approx. $36
Off to College Basket. Add all the items your collage student will need to start the year.
Welcome Basket Any time you want to welcome someone new. Enjoy coffee, and snack items Approx. $30
Enjoy Basket, Filled with cheese, wine, crackers, wine coasters, napkins, wine glass. Approx. $32
Best Jam ever. 3 jars, 9.5 oz each, Four Berry, Peach Jam and Strawberry Jam in a 12 x 8 1/2 box. Approx. $24.50.
Father's Day Basket
Hungary for Pizza - Send a pizza gift basket with all the fixings. Approx. $22
Baking time - Cookie & cake mixes, hand towel and measuring spoons on a baking sheet. All the items you will need. Approx. $24
Valentine's Day Basket for that special someone. Stuffed bear, box of chocolate, wine and bath towel. Approx $34
Take a Break, with cups coffee/ tea. You can always add some cookies. Approx. $22
"We Miss You" Box can be made to order - can also include popcorn and/or caramels. Approx. $27
Feel Better Fast, Fuzzy throw with soup, bowl, napkins and add a book. Approx. $19
Gift basket or Mom, Bath Towel,, lotion and note pad in a box. Approx. $23
Relax and enjoy a cheese spread with a plate and cheese spreader. Approx. $11
WI Badger Hand Towels - send to your favorite Badger Fan. Measures 17" x 26". Approx $9 ea.