Baby Baskets

These are our most popular basket ideas for babies. We can custom these ideas in any way or create a basket completely from scratch.

Squeaky Clean Everything you need for the bath. Approx. $23
Baby Boy - onesies, cup & bowl and other goodies for the new baby boy. Approx. $19
Baby Cake Diapers, onesie, & receiving blanket. All the items a new born would need. Approx. $23
Baby Cake All the items a baby needs. Colors can be changed. Diapers, socks, lotion, receiving blanket with a teddy bear.
Picture book, onesie, socks and more for the newest member of the family. Approx. $19
Matching plate, bowl & cup, onesies and diapers for the new baby girl. Approx. $18.
Box full of baby boy items. Onesies, matching bowl and cup and stuffed animal.
Baby cake with lots of diapers, receiving blankets, hat, wash cloth and bath duck & shampoo. Approx. $26
Cuddle Up with a fuzzy blanket and your favorite stuffed animal. Approx $16